Florida Insurance Disputes Attorney

Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

When you purchase insurance, you have a right to expect that the company will be there for you when you suffer a loss, compensating you as they agreed to do. It may come as a shock when the insurance company denies your legitimate claim or offers significantly less than you’re entitled to.

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always play fair. An insurer’s profit margins depend on taking in more in premiums than they pay out in claims. The less they pay out in claims, the more money they make. Some even incentivize employees to deny or minimize payouts to their insureds.

When an insurer refuses to pay for significant damage to your home, a badly-damaged or totaled vehicle, or necessary medical care, the impact can be significant. You may find yourself unable to make necessary repairs, without access to medical care, or taking on large debt to keep moving forward. Fortunately, you can fight back. If your insurance company is delaying your claim, has unreasonably denied your claim, or is offering less than the full value of your claim, an attorney experienced in handling insurance disputes can be your best resource.

Common Insurance Company Conflicts

Insurance policies tend to be dense, technical, and not very interesting. Unfortunately, that means that many insureds don’t fully understand their rights and coverage. Unscrupulous insurance companies may use that against you.

Some common issues people encounter when filing substantial insurance claims include:

  • The insurance company claiming that the type of event or damage that occurred is excluded under the policy terms
  • The insurance company directing the insured to a “friendly” vendor who will estimate low to minimize your claim
  • Different representatives providing conflicting information over the telephone
  • Verbal promises that aren’t kept, and may be intended to lull you into letting deadlines pass or failing to preserve evidence

Though the insurance company representative will likely be friendly and seem helpful on the telephone, it is important to remember that his or her job isn’t to help you—it’s to save the insurance company money by minimizing your recovery or finding a reason to deny your claim.

When you hire an experienced insurance dispute attorney to help you navigate your claim, that attorney works for you. His job is to fight for the compensation you deserve, whether that means negotiating with the insurance company, arbitrating your claim, or filing a lawsuit to enforce your contractual rights.


Work with an Experienced Insurance Dispute Attorney

Attorney Brian Pabian has more than two decades of litigation experience. He has both represented insurance companies and fought tirelessly for the rights of insureds, so he understands the process from both sides. Today, he puts that experience to work for insureds and for the medical professionals and others who provide services to insureds, expecting fair compensation from the insurance company.

When you retain Brian to pursue fair compensation from an insurer, he will work with you directly. Some firms create a complicated maze to protect the attorney’s time, leaving clients frustrated by partial answers and delayed responses. At Pabian Law, there’s no gauntlet of gatekeepers between you and your attorney. Your attorney will explain your rights and options. Your attorney will prepare your case, negotiate on your behalf, and file suit if necessary. Your attorney will answer your questions, respond to your emails, and provide you direct, accurate information about how your case is proceeding.